Eggs at Abers Acres

Four eggsEggs at Abers Acres

Our Eggs...
What Makes Them Different

We are often asked by our customers why our eggs are different in taste and nutritional quality as compared to most eggs found in the grocery store. The short answer is "Our chickens receive a varied diet based on available feeds and pasture."

Our flock

Our flock consist of a mixture of brown egg laying and old fashioned chicken breeds. We choose breeds that forage aggressively, lay eggs consistently, and have a good tempament. At this time we have about 80-90 chickens laying and 1 mature rooster. We also have 95 pullets and 5 cockerels, (young laying hens and roosters), which will start laying eggs around early August. Each year we get a new batch of chicks in the spring. This allows us to have plenty of eggs in the midsummer months when demand is high.

Our flock consists of Rhode Island Reds, Golden Buffs, Plymouth Barred Rocks, and Black Australorps.


Pasture Fed

On our farm we work hard to utilize locally produced, fresh and diverse feeds for our hens. Our own homegrown feeds form the basis of the hen's diet. We offer their feed to them free-choice, along with oyster shells and grit, to allow them to balance their own diet.


We are currently feeding our own organically grown corn, soybeans, wheat, and popcorn. The organic feed we grow, aside from being non-genetically engineered, is an open-pollinated. non-hybrid/old-fashion variety which has a higher protein and mineral content than current hybrids. In warmer seasons they will find protein from insects, earthworms and other natural sources they find while grazing the pasture.


If our feed sources run out before the season changes we will occasionally buy feed for our hens from Lakeview Organic Grains, in Pen Yan, NY.