maple leafLocal Maple Syrup and Honey
at Abers Acres


Maple Syrup

The maple syrup we sell is from Brookside Maple Grove in Kennedy, NY. We usually have maple syrup available year-round depending on the amount of Springtime maple producing weather.




Honey sold at Abers Acres is 100% pure, local, wildflower honey from Bandon's Bees. The honey is also available year-round.


Along with the honey we also have honeycomb available once or twice a year. This is a real treat. Many people enjoy eating the honey from the comb and then chew on the beeswax comb. Honeycomb is not available on a regular basis since pure hone producer beekeepers can produce a lot more honey when they extract the honey from the combs and then return the honeycombs to the hive. This way the bees will be able to reuse the honeycomb to store more honey rather than creating more honeycomb. It can take as much as 8 pounds of honey for the bees to make 1 pound of the beeswax which the honeycomb is constructed of.