picking blueberriesPick-your-own

For a memorable family day in the country or as a cost saving way to fill your freezer, you cant beat picking your own fresh produce at Abers Acres.
Please be sure to review our picking procedures.

All crops available for pick-your-own are also available to purchase fresh picked. We also grow the following and sell, fresh picked, at our farm market locations.


One of our signature crops at Abers Acres. It is also one of the first of the season. We plant several varieties to berries available for most of June and often into July.

Black Raspberries

Sweet and juicy, just right for a summertime pie. They are just starting up as the Strawberries start to fade.


We have a large field of blueberries with varieties that will start at the end of July and through August.

Currants and Gooseberries

These are relatively new additions to our berry crops. Wonderful for baking, jams, jellies, juices and fresh eating. Look for these special treats from mid July through late August.

Red Raspberries

Our best Red Raspberries are our fall crop. They are firm and sweet and keep on producing after most other summer fruits are gone. .


These are a favorite of u-pickers and are also available fresh picked at our locations. Are generally ready end of June and into July. We have successive plantings to stretch out the season for the peas.

Green & Yellow Beans

Garden fresh flavor for your summertime dinner table and also a favorite for putting away for winter.


Fava Beans

A favorite in Italian cuisine. They are ready to pick in early July.


Cut Flowers

This is a lot of fun for thise with a creative flair. Create your own bouquets from our large flower garden, There are many types and colors to choose from.