hanging baskets of flowersSomething for Every Season

One of the nice things about stopping in at Abers Acres is that every visit is unique. As the seasons progress we offer the fruit and vegetables of that season but also many special items that go with the season.


Early Season

One of the first visual signs of Abers Acres's opening for the season are the brightly colored hanging baskets of flowers, for sale, adorning the farm market. Look inside and you will see potted herb plants and vegetable and bedding flowers left over from biscuitsthe crops we grow for our fields and flower garden.

With the start of strawberry season a popular companion is our home baked biscuits for shortcake. You will also find strawberry and strawberry-rhubarb jam and fresh baked pies.


Mid Summer Season

Summer features more jams and jellies from our fresh picked fruits and berries. Our flower garden yields a wide variety of summer flowers which we make into beautiful bouquets, or if you want, pick your own bouquet.


Sweet corn is the big crop of mid summer. We have a steady supply due to our planting many varieties and timing our plantings to keep the corn coming until the fall frosts. You can but it by the ear, by the dozen or by the bushel.

We often carry handmade crafts from local artists. Be sure to look for locally produced honey and maple products.Jack-be-littles


Fall Season

You will find many special seasonal items as autumn approaches. We offer tomatoes, peaches, pears and more in larger quantities for canning. You can find all your Fall decorations at Abers Acres. You will find pumpkins and gourds, ornamental corn, Fall mums, corn stalks, straw bales, and Sweet Annie wreaths.

Of course autumn means apples and apples mean cider, apple butter, and apple pies—and we have them all. We also carry grapes from local growers and a fall favorite is our fall red raspberries that are available


Christmas and Winter Season

Christmas season starts for us the day after Thanksgiving. That's when we open to sell Christmas trees and wreaths. The trees can be purchased as fresh cut or for a treat, gather the family together for an outing to cut your own tree.


Be sure to remember that our sales room in our home is open all winter and spring. We carry some of our fall crops such as squash, potatoes, and local apples. You will also find jams and jellies, honey an maple syrup, our fresh eggs, as well as frozen Abers Acres berries.





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