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If you are looking for a place to purchase fresh and delicious, home grown and local grown fruit and vegetables Abers Acres is the place for you.


If you are looking for an opportunity to get out in the country and treat your family to the experience of picking their own fruit and produce Abers Acres is the place for you.
If you want to find a source of healthy USDA Certified Organic produce, where you can see the crops growing in the field, Abers Acres is the place for you.


I guess what we're saying is... Abers Acres is the place for you!

What's Ready Now




Welcome to the Bounty of Autumn

Here at Abers Acres we are in full swing for the Fall Season. We have lots of Squash, Pumpkins, and Gourds along with bins of Local Apples. You will also find plenty of ornamental Fall materials to decorate your home with.


Our Fall Red Raspberries are still plentiful. This is a great time to fill your freezer with these delicious berries we offer these bot u-pick and fresh picked. Also a real treat, Fall Strawberries!

**** More Fall Crops ****

Along with the Fall Raspberries and Strawberries, there will be a great variety of Fall fruits, vegetables and ornamental items. As the Fall crops become ready we will be adding them to our tables. Look for many varieties of Apples,* Grapes,* Pears,* Mums,* Winter Squash, Pumpkins, sweet Potatoes, gourds, and ornamental corn.

You will also find a good supply of big red Tomatoes for table or canning, Green & Colored Peppers, Beets, .Potatoes, Carrots, Cherry Tomatoes, and Kale.



Our Fall Hours will be

10 - 5:30 every day
beginning Sept 29

Look for us at these Farm Markets

Westfield Farmers Market, Saturdays - 8:30-1:30 (Last Day 9/28)


Jamestown Public Market, Saturdays 10 - 2 (Last Day 10/26)


Lakewood Farmers Market, Thursdays 10 - 2 (Last Day 9/26)