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Nothing tastes better than freshly picked fruits and vegetables. That means right from the field or berry patch to our tables. We take pride in growing the freshest, most delicious chemical free organic produce for our valued customers.

Organic Asparagus and Rhubarb

 Asparagus bundles on a tableorganic rhubarb

Asparagus and rhubarb are the first produce available each season. Their first availability begins before the farm stand opens in the salesroom. 

Organic Strawberries

StrawberrySquareOrganic strawberries are one of Abers Acres’ signature crops.

We open our farm stand when the strawberries are ready!

We have two strawberry seasons. The first from early June to Mid July, depending on the weather. These strawberries include June bearing and day neutral varieties.

The second strawberry season runs from September through October, depending on the weather. These strawberries include day neutral varieties. 

Organic Peas

Pea SquarePeas become available near the end of June through July, depending on weather.

Abers Acres grows a garden pea and sugar snap pea variety. We do successive planting to stretch out the peas season as long as possible. 

Peas are available as u-pick or picked fresh for you each season. 

Organic Blueberries

Blueberry SquareOrganic blueberries are another signature crop of Abers Acres.

We grow several blueberry varieties on the farm, enabling berries to be available at the end of July through September. 

We have both U-Pick and already picked blueberries available throughout the season.

Organic Red Raspberries

Raspberries with leafOrganic red raspberries have two seasons at Abers Acres. One in Jul and the other in October. 

U-pick raspberries are available in the July. 

Organic Green & Yellow Beans

BeansSquareOrganic green and yellow beans become available in July. 

We have both u-pick and ready picked beans during the season. 

Organic Black Raspberries

BlackRaspberrySquareOrganic black raspberries become available in July just as strawberry season fades. 


Organic Potted Herb Plants

Home Grown HerbsOrganic potted herb plants become available in June. 

Replant these herbs into your garden or keep them in a pot inside by a window, on your porch or balcony.

Organic Fava Beans

Fava Beans growing on a plant in the fieldOrganic fava beans become available in late June, depending on weather. 

Abers Acres has u-pick and fresh picked fava beans available.  



Organic Sweet Corn

Organic sweet corn is another signature crop for Abers Acres. Each kernel of corn is hand planted in the greenhouse in trays. Then transplanted to the field by a team of workers, when it’s ready.

Why such care? As an organic farm, Abers Acres does not use treated corn, so it must be planted with special care for optimal growth and sweetness. 

Corn becomes available in mid July through August, weather permitting. 

Organic New Potatoes & Mature Potatoes


Abers Acres grows organic red and white skinned potatoes each year. 

Organic new potatoes become available in late June. New potatoes are potatoes when they are small and not a mature size. 

Mature potatoes can be available as early as July and are harvested throughout the Fall. 

Once the stand closes in late Fall, potatoes may be purchased from the salesroom at the house. 

Organic Tomatoes & Cherry Tomatoes


At Abers Acres, we grow our tomatoes in high tunnels. This allows for the longest season possible and optimal growing conditions.

Tomatoes are available from July through August. 

We grow several varieties of organic cherry tomatoes, canning tomatoes and slicing tomatoes.  

Plus, we have green tomatoes available too. 

Organic Sweet & Hot Peppers

 Organic sweet and hot peppers become available in July and last most of the season. 

Abers Acres grow several varieties of both sweet and hot peppers in many colors. 

Organic Summer & Winter Squash

squashSquareWe grow several varieties of summer and winter squash. 

Summer squash, including zucchini, becomes available in July. 

Winter squash, which includes Delicata, spaghetti squash, and acorn, to name a few, become available in the Fall. 

Organic Pumpkins

Big PumpkinAbers Acres grows several varieties of organic pie pumpkins, jack-o’-lantern, gourds and decorative pumpkins. 

They come in an array of sizes and colors. 

Pumpkins become available in early Fall. 

Organic Ornamental Corn

We grow organic ornamental corn you can use as decorations or grind for corn flour. 

You’ll find already created ornamental corn decoration bunches and single undecorated cobs. 

Ornamental corn becomes available in Fall. 

Ornamental Corn

Organic Popcorn

Abers Acres is known for not only their sweet corn, but their popcorn as well.

Popcorn is available all year round until it’s sold out. 

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